Celebratory Vlog!

Indisposed & Undiagnosed hit 500 Followers!
I cannot explain how appreciative I am of all of your feedback, words of strength and guidance. I have made a few close friends, and have been inspired to write again.
And in celebration of this, I made my first Thank You Vlog.
Excuse my shyness.
Screens are much easier to hide behind.

Keep reading, writing & spreading positivity X


  1. Your welcome. As you know i havent been following you long but ive really enjoyed what ive read so far. Looking forward to the rest of the journey😊

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      1. Yeah its the same here i was introduced to blogging by a friend. I didnt think she realised she was unleashing a monster. I’m hooked😆

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      2. Ditto. And to know theres always someone there to help if needed. I think thats the thing the sense of community its so friendly. And i can get lost for hours in the reader


      3. Me too! Good to know I’m not the only one. If my mind can tolerate it, I quite enjoy reading everyone’s posts by searching for tags… It’s nice to see what others write about and feel!

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      4. And i don’t think were the only two. There is so much diversity of material. But the people behind it all seem so like minded it gives a sense of being part of something.

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      1. your words are too kind, and also in turn inspire me to keep moving forward. Your achievement speaks numbers to your ability and talents. I also consider you a friend, glad we’ve met and gone beyond just knowing each others blogs! Hope you enjoyed your mothers day =)


  2. I LOVE YOUR ACCENT! I mean, it’s only an accent to me because I’m from the U.S. and not Australia but whatever. On a more important note, I’m so proud of you for hitting 500 and I’m so happy to see you’re excited about it too! Love you!

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  3. Congrats on reaching 500 followers! I bet it feels so exciting. I cannot wait to see my own blog grow and flourish.
    The volume was low on the video but from what I could hear you sound rather lovely. Your accent is adorable and the camera is surely your friend!
    Keep writing, keep thriving, keep surviving

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      1. I have an iPhone too… I’ve been meaning to play around with making videos for my future vlog (for when I travel to teach English is S. Korea this fall) and I wasn’t sure my iPhone would suffice. But your video quality looked nice! You look nice too. I hope you keep up the fight, don’t give up!
        You’re very welcome and it has been my pleasure to read along with your daily journey.

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      1. Yea it’s very cool. I used to wear a stocking cap in my early college years. It was a green one. Your outfit looks nice too. The black hat matches the outfit well. You look nice.

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      2. Your welcome! Black is a good color too. I have a lot of black shirts and black sweatshirt. It makes me look better. I need to lose some weight. When I last met with the dr he said I lost weight but needed to lose 15 more pds. I think that’s doable I got to get out there and play more basketball.

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