The Bible of Blogs.

The end of Mental Health Awareness Month is almost here, and so many of you have been asking me the question, “can you recommend a blog for me to follow for sufferers of…?”
So, this blog is all about my Bible Of Blogs for Sufferers of Mental, Chronic or Invisible Illnesses.

I encourage you to do the same,
as I am sure we have all come across different blogs that we favour.

In light of doing this, we will be:
– spreading awareness of our illnesses
– guiding new and old bloggers to the right people for help, guidance and understanding.
– uniting to help each other’s pages grow

I have spent a few days, in between illness, searching through all close-to-600 followers. I also had a Followers Malfunction, where WordPress told me I was not following anyone/then suddenly was following/then wasn’t again, so MY APOLOGIES for any notifications you may have received!

I have read, and read, and read your posts.
Let me tell you that what I came across made me laugh, brought me to tears, and left me with that “this person understands” feeling.
I wish I could put links to all of your blogs here, but as that is near impossible, I have chosen as many as my brain would allow me to for today.

I hope this is somewhat of a help.
If you feel up to it, create a list of your own.
We can really make a difference and spread awareness if we unite.

C, x.

Mine of course! (hehe)

See the Follow Button up above!

Nikki, and Heather, both provide blog entries about their rollercoaster ride with their Chronic Illnesses. They are both more than happy to reach out to those suffering, and provide help where they can.
Rowena is an all-rounder. She has knowledge in many topics/areas, and is also a sufferer of Chronic Illness. She is a mother to children suffering with Chronic Illness also. She definitely gives a great outlook on suffering from a parental point of view.
Rebekah, and Sarah, run blogs about their journey through living with POTS. Rachel, is newly diagnosed, and has just begun writing about her journey. All three writers are extremely talented and have wonderful insight into symptoms, relief techniques and what it is like living with Chronic Illness.
Rhosyn blog writes entries about the ups and downs and everything in between when dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Vix writes about her journey living with Multiple Sclerosis. This woman’s drive for life, whilst suffering every single day, is incredibly inspirational and definitely worth a read.
Rebecca has a blog dedicated to her journey through living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Incredibly insightful and easily relatable blog for fellow sufferers out there!
Really simple, yummy recipes for those suffering from IBS, or who are struggling for Gluten Free meal ideas!
Kate’s posts are written about her ‘food issues’ and struggles with a Borderline Eating Disorder. She will make you laugh, and cry. She is extremely down-to-earth and honest about her day-to-day struggles.

Paul runs a fantastic blog about Mental Health where you can submit pieces of your own, read through poetic stories and even reach out to a community of people who are suffering all the same.
Zoe writes an inspiring blog about a wide range of topics which include her struggles in dealing with; gender, race, politics, love, abuse and identity.
Don writes a very honest blog about his days suffering from Bipolar, Anxiety and Depression. He is absolutely lovely and is willing to offer his time to chat to fellow sufferers.

These extremely talented men write the most beautiful poetry you will ever read.
I promise, if you need a distraction, their pages are definitely it.


  1. Thanks for such an honor. I can’t even explain how grateful I am for you sharing your experience with us, and all the other wonderful people on here who share some of the hardest, most personal parts of their life. I can’t stress the importance of getting your story out there, not only to bring awareness to whatever condition or experience you are going through, especially for those who have an invisible illness. It’s so easy to feel lost and broken and alone in this journey. I don’t know where I’d be mentally or emotionally without both reading other’s blogs and sharing my own personal experiences.
    I hope you don’t mind that I’d love to share this post to get more awareness out there and maybe a certain blog will provide others the strength that I’ve received from you and all the amazing blogs I follow on WordPress.

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  2. Reblogged this on Undiagnosed Warrior and commented:
    Cass from was kind enough to put together a detailed list of some of her favorite blogs that she follows that have inspired her, as well as to create awareness for the variety of both medical and mental health conditions that encompass the truth behind living with an invisible illness. I feel so lucky to belong to such a strong community filled with strength, honesty,and acceptance. . I can’t stress the importance of getting your story out there, not only to bring awareness to whatever condition or experience you are going through, especially for those who have an invisible illness.


  3. Thank you for the mention Cass.. If really means a lot. What a wonderful community we are a part of! I look forward to the day that chronic illness/invisible illness is well-known because of voices like all of ours here. We will be heard!

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  4. Hooray! Thanks for this Cassandra! I’m trying to read more blog around our common themes, anxiety, agoraphobia, IBS, invisible and chronic illnesses. I’ll add these to my own blog collection XX

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    1. Ps, Sarah were you notified of me tagging you in this or did you stumble across it? I’m not sure if I have to tell those who I tagged or if they know, haha xxx


      1. I was not notified. I’m finally catching up on reading everyone’s posts from the past few days and saw it that way. Does WordPress have an actual tagging function? If not, they really need to make that happen haha!


  5. Reblogged this on Chronically Sarah Lynn and commented:
    Cass from has taken the time to put together a bible of blogs by topic for sufferers of mental, chronic, and invisible illnesses. I feel truly honored to be included on the list! This is such a wonderful idea and can serve as a way to help connect with others facing similar battles and help raise awareness for various types of illnesses. I know there’s quite a few blogs on this list that I’m going to be checking out soon!

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  6. Hey, I am new to blogging but I plan on discussing my struggles with depression and anxiety on my blog With a side of Hippie. It is so nice to see that you are also sharing your feelings on the issues of mental health and chronic illness. I can’t wait to read more of what you have written.
    ❤ T

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