If you are stuck at home like I am most days, and are struggling to find something productive to do that doesn’t require a lot of energy – grow a plant.

You can start from scratch or you can purchase a baby bulb that has just begun its growth cycle.

Two years ago, on my twentyfirst birthday a girl I was studying with bought me a Pony Tail Palm Tree.

When I first got him, he was very small and only had three leaves poking from his root.
I neglected him.
I kept him in my bedroom, away from sunlight and rarely watered him. He began to shrivel, and two years later he was merely a tiny squishy root barely emerged from the dirt.

During my bedridden state of illness, I noticed the lack-of plant on my desk, and asked my Dad if he would help me move the plant outside into new soil.
My Dad frowned and said “I don’t think we can revive this one, Cass“.
But I held hope that we could.
A week after Replant Day

I sat outside in a blanket and watched Dad replant him.
On days of strength, I watered him.
I moved him into the sun.
I gave him plant food.

Eight months later, the change is incredible.
He can now go for days without water, and thrives off of sunlight.

Seven Months Later

You don’t have to plant a garden – there are plants that are easy maintenance. It gives you something else to focus on, and gets you outside for even five minutes of the day.
It is also beautiful to watch the life cycle!

During Chronic Illness, you must treat your body as if you are growing the most beautiful sacred plant. It will start off fragile, small and colourless.

It takes some time, and with other plants it takes longer. Some plants will go backwards; growing weaker before they grow stronger, where as others immediately thrive from a little love and attention.

Once you neglect your plant entirely, it will wither, as will your body.

But if you keep watering it, tend to the roots, and always make sure the petals and leaves are full of colour and are never curling; your plant will gain strength and grow.

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