I thought I’d write a small post on one of the best days I have had in a very long time.
Every muscle in my body aches, and my stomach is now unsettled, so this will be another short one!

My sister did my makeup, making me look and feel halfdecent:

I can’t tell you how long it has been since I wore formalwear and had a face of makeup. I am usually at home, hiding behind a baggy tshirt, leggings, slippers and a beanie!

We went to a family Christening and then after-celebration.

The dizziness settled, and I was able to mostly walk around independently! I took a few breaks – kneeling down and sitting in the jumping castle.
Yes, a jumping castle because there were about ten little TODDLERS there!
You can imagine my excitement.
My heart exploded.
I felt like a kid in a candy store – so many children to play with, all of them too cute!

I feared, that having been off of work for a while now, I would’ve “lost my touch” but can I tell you – that was NOT the case.
I managed feeding, putting them to sleep, vomit all over my clothes, and of course playtime. I enjoyed EVERY SECOND OF IT.
I had parents praising me, asking me if I could babysit, encouraging me to start my own business (when I am better).

Mostly, I came home with a postglow, feeling hopeful;
Hopeful that one day I will return to the career that fills me with joy,
Hopeful that I will have more Good days,
Hopeful that my body CAN/WILL heal one day.

I must sleep now! I hope your days were as eventful as mine. If they weren’t – don’t worry. A day will come. I am certain.


      1. Try to get some rest, beautiful. You’ve been very busy, and you need to head Pay Back off at the pass if you can 🙂

        Btw, when u have a sec, can u tell me if all your followers stats have vanished like mine have? The section just isn’t there on the stats page. Is this because of a wordpress update, or something?

        L. X

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      2. They have changed up the stat page some on computer! If you scroll down to the very bottom, you should see text that says something like ‘looking for your other stats? Go to the insights page’, and it will take you to a page where you can see follower info! 🙂

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      3. PS Thanks for checking. I’m stuck in bed with the ipad, and my pc is a nightmare at the best of times. I hadn’t even thought to check it. Can’t remember if I added wp to my phone. I must have done. I’ll prob just wait for wp to sort it out. Too tired. Did two posts yest, still working on my Vit D one, woke up today feeling rubbish. C’est la vie. Xx

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      4. Thanks, Rebekah, but that was the first place I looked and it isn’t there either 🙂 All notification of new followers, in the drop-down Comments and Likes thing, which were there yesterday, have vanished as well. I’m still getting email notifications for new followers, though.

        I expect it will be a bit of code they’ve missed out somewhere in an update.

        Hopefully normal service will be resumed soon, because atm I can’t go direct to any of my followers’ blogs unless they post something. X

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      5. I’m having issues of my own with this stupid site!
        Apparently I am following nobody! Which makes no sense!
        I am unable to follow anyone new. I click FOLLOW and it automatically unfollows. I click follow again, it does the same thing – ugh! People are probably being notified of all of these follows! 😦

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      6. It’ll sort itself out. It has to be a glitch-series. It may have already been glitching when I somehow unfollowed you recently, and one of my followers had the same thing happen to her – she suddenly noticed I wasn’t on her Following list, but she didn’t unfollow me.

        It’ll prob all be back to normal in the next few days.

        It’d better be! X

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  1. I get this good day thing …. It bellies those dark ones and makes me smile reading the joy in your words … There will be lots of more good days 😊

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  2. Fantastic Cass. I’m so glad you had such a fun filled day and enjoyed it so much. And your looking as good as you felt hope the glow continues😊😊😊

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  3. That is so great. So glad you had a wonderful day. We all need those.
    I hope you are able to enjoy life a bit more and continue to have more and more good days.
    It sounds like you love kids. I hope you are able to start your babysitting business. I think it would do wonders for you.

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  4. So happy for you. I’ve had a good day today as well and it was amazing. I went to something called dogfest and animals are my passion like children are yours. I was in heaven. It’s given me so much hope for the days ahead. I’m so happy you’ve experienced that same hopefulness.

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  5. Forgive my slow reply, but I love this post! We have to grab and relish our good moments with every fiber of our being! You look as beautiful as you write. I, too, am learning to live with chronic pain. It’s a battle. We WILL both win. Dammit, we will!


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