Time to part.

I have decided to take a break from Indisposed and Undiagnosed.

I thought I would let my followers know in case you noticed my absence and lack of replies.

I’m hoping to occasionally pop in once every few weeks, for a read, and who knows… I may find myself being able to sit and write a post worth reading. For the moment, though, I definitely need a break.

I feel as though I am drowning in thoughts, opinions, emails, appointments and planning around the topic of my illness. My symptoms are also not under control at the moment, and I really must focus every ounce of energy I have on trying to manage them even slightly.

I guess, mostly, I just need a moment with myself to come to terms with everything.

I wish you all of the best with your reading, writing and health.

– C



    1. I’ll still be around. It just won’t be as often as I have been lately.

      I have actually received a lot of negative feedback (emails) and it’s all a little too much at the moment. I can write on paper, if need be! I actually thought about deleting the blog but if it has helped some people, then it may as well stay up

      (: xxx

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      1. There will always be nasty little shits out there, trolls and their sad ilk. I’m sorry they got you. You don’t deserve it – not that ANYone does, but this is the internet. It’s all very public. X

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  1. Be strong, take care of yourself and know that people will be thinking of you and wishing you well. Hope you won’t be gone forever I felt so alone with my illness before I found your blog

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  2. It completely makes sense that you have to take time away from blogging to focus on caring for yourself. I will think of you and worry about you. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who will be here for you if and when you need to come back, for whatever reason. Best wishes Cass, I really hope you can beat this.

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  3. Take care of yourself. Will be thinking of you and hope it won’t be too long before you feel ok enough to post. Let the positive comments drown out the negative ones and thanks for exchanges. xx

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  4. Hey friend! I really enjoy your blog. I can relate to so much of it. Your hiatus is totally understandable. Try to remember us from time to time, like keep us as your *happy thought*… knowing you have a bunch of people supporting you and your journey. 🙂

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  5. Take care and all the best. I’ll be looking out for the occasional post or comment. In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying the other posts you’ve written and I haven’t had a chance to read since I’m new.

    Again take care and I hope you get some answers very soon.

    – Skylar 🙂 xxxooo

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  6. Live your life Gorgeous Cass* I’ve had the same thoughts, and I just started haha. I was living my life around my illness just to post. So I started posting other stuff, and realized I don’t have to post all the freaking time. I’ve been working out, reading the bible, seeing a good therapist and have two great job offers, all since stepping away from blogging a few days at a time. Didn’t mean this to be about me again.

    Your kind words and our chats will always be dear to my sanity, thanks Cass*

    Be Great.

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    1. Posting more than once a week is extremely tough so I think that is the most it will be from now on, or especially for the next fortnight until I get on top of some things. I’ll be around. I’m still reading through the news feed. I just need to cut back a bit (:

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  7. I will miss seeing your posts in my feed, but I completely understand and support your reasons for hiatus. Hopefully everything will get sorted out properly and you will have something good to come back and tell us! Best of luck, and stay strong.

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  8. Sweety you take all the time you need to take care of you. Don’t worry about us, we’ll be here when you decide you can stop by again. Sometimes we need a break for “me time” I don’t post every day. Sometimes I wont post for weeks at a time but when I so, I always find support. Remember the Spoon Theory.


  9. I will really miss you and your blog, but I understand the need to conserve energy. If you ever feel like giving up, just come back here and read the comments to make you feel better. Good luck with everything xxx


  10. Sometimes a break and a chance to focus solely on yourself is the best thing. Take as long as you need and know that if you ever decide to come back to this blog or ever need support, I’ll be here! Sending you lots of love and well wishes!

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  11. You need to do what is right for you. I am not a consistent blogger. I didn’t write a blog for two years. It will be here when and if you want to return to it. But stay connected to the community by reading blogs by people who make you feel supported and understood. I will never understand why people feel the need to email someone negativity, especially when the person is struggling. No one is forcing them to read. You do you! Also remember you can block or not approve a comment. It hurts my heart that people would treat you poorly, after reading your blogs and knowing how hard life has been for you physically and emotionally. Oh, I am so mad… we aren’t even friends, but I hate bullies! I will continue to keep you in my thoughts! I am rooting for you! All of us are rooting for you!

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  12. Wish you all the best babe! You were my first supporter on here and I’m always here to support you. Its mind boggling and disheartening that some people actually leave negative thoughts. I hope your break serves its purpose and you feel rejuvenated. You deserve the absolute best you kind hearted amazingly strong girl!
    All the love


  13. That could well be a wise move. Blogging, though cathartic, requires energy – sometimes vital energy for someone such as yourself who suffer with a severely debilitating condition. You need that energy to recover, so the fewer pressures you have upon you, the better chance there is of you recovering.

    All the best, Cass, in feeling well again. Goodness knows you deserve a break x


  14. Just as i find your blog, you need rest. It is good to know your limits and to set your own boundaries. I’m sorry you have gotten some negativity whilst offering hope to your readers. I have been there and know how it can demoralize the most ardent writer. Take good care, extreme good care of you… I come and go with my blogging too, painting is what sustains me. It provides my emotions an outlet that speaks my language without really inviting an opinion since it only belongs to me. Be well.

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