He lies beside me,
Heavy eyes,
Limbs tangled,
Hands entwined.

His voice murmurs,
Deep and delicious,
In between bouts of sleep haze,
I love you.

I whisper in return
Ever so softly,
the three words,
That keep us from breaking.

I love you.
I do not blink.
It is not to he whom I speak,
It is to the love tainting my mind.

He lies beside me,
Limbs tangled,
Hands entwined.
I am wishing it was you.


      1. Yeah, I know. A few of mine are about the same topic, but a lot more subtle. I had to be! The Forest’s Charade and Brief Escape. Hope you can relate to that 🙂
        Also, hope you can get your little sticky situation sorted

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The mind/heart was not designed to love/be attracted to one person.

        I also don’t write stuff like this so it’s messy!

        I will definitely take a look. It is actually super early here (6am) so I must have more sleep but I will when I awake!

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    1. I have been following you for ages and for some reason it is telling me you are spam and I do not like it. I was a bit confused. But I got it sorted haha

      Oh please don’t throw temptation into the pot haha “now-boyfriend”
      It is not a feeling to miss!!!!! Frustrating!

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      1. Haha that is bizarre! Happened to me earlier with another blogger, I had missed her comment for hours lol. Yes I suppose you are right, are u able to delve a little deeper into this or am I being far too nosey now 🙈


      2. Haha delve deeper with a followup piece or a chat? Because the chat cannot take place on my blog haha
        All I can say is like I said above,
        Our minds are not designed to be in love with or attracted to one human. It is impossible. Some people think there is something wrong with that. I am trying to figure it out haha doesn’t help when you are sick! Illness ruins everything.

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      3. Haha darn I was hoping chat lol! I’m at @ellturnip on Twitter if you like 😀 a follow up piece would be great too, I love this poem. There is nothing wrong with that, and I agree! It’s true. Even me, with my boyfriend, we have friends… Technically aren’t we all in love with our friends? Hahaha. And yes I can imagine 😦 it seems so difficult, I hope things get better for u on that front really soon! ❤️


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