So I Succumb.

There were a few days of peace,
or maybe I had mistaken Your silence for my happiness.
But then you spoke again,
Reminding me that I am carrying the weight
of another body.
Having You chained to me,
dragging You along.
Time and days of the week,
just blend into one giant stream of nothing.
There’s a heaviness in my chest,
a haze of brain fog,
clouding my mind.
You constantly have a negative response to everything I think or voice,
until eventually,
Your responses become mine.
We are always walking in darkness,
never in light.
I try to shake free,
but can’t.
I want to find the way out,
but can’t remember which way.
I feel nothing,
and everything at the same time.
I am drowning,
but everyone is staring at me,
Watching me breathe.
I am crying for help,
to a sea of the deaf.
I am gasping for air,
as You pull me down further.
I must escape,
but You won’t let me.
Your weight is too strong for me,
So I succumb.


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