The Truth Is Hard To Face.

One day you are going to look back at this moment and realise that this was you at your strongest, not weakest;

That what felt like the end of the world, wasn’t;

That behind the tears and the ugly in Chronic Illness,

you were beautiful;

That you were destined for things beyond medication trials and side effects,

soulcrushing appointments and trying to keep food down;

And on this day,

you’ll know that you

defined brave,

and that you were loved more than you knew.

A neverending day of shaking, nausea, medication numbness, holding onto everything to stay balanced, an inability to digest, and my love for this toilet.

A neverending day of shaking, nausea, medication numbness, holding onto everything to stay balanced, an inability to digest, and my love for this toilet.


  1. I have chronic vertigo and migraines accompanied with a bad digestive system, the nausea is 24/7 accompanied with dizziness and pain of course.. As I read this post sentence by sentence I just went, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Amen! Yeah girl!” Hahaha. Thank you for sharing the strength. Huggggg

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      1. I just started to see this holistic doctor because MRI scans in my brain and ear showed nothing, they told me they were sorry they can’t help me anymore exhausting all meds and jabs that didn’t work. Now with this holistic doctor I am on supplements only and my vertigo has decreased a lot since the start: I’ve cut out gluten, wheat (wheat flour too), any kind of flour, white sugar and dairy COMPLETELY. I eat salads with olive oil n lemon juice or rice with meat n vegs. He said at least the first 6 months to a year on this strict diet. I hope you will really try this! I can now at least walk without falling over and the vomiting has lessened. Please please please try this, it is the inflammation from intestines from the food we are eating that causes this vertigo that’s why the scans dont show anything. Do see a good holistic doctor if you can! Much love, Faith

        Feel free to drop me an email:


      2. Anything is worth a try for me as I am struggling. My specialists are continuing to pump me with medication and my body is weakening by the second. All of my scans are negative too. I am seeing a Herbalist but all of the stuff he has given me I have not been able to digest, and I’ve seen about five Naturopaths 😦
        I am now seeing a Balance Specialist… Kind of half western half holistic. But small steps. I can try the gluten and dairy free diet.
        Thank you for your advice. It is nice to hear that you are on the mend (:


      3. Yes I completely understand. Not all supplements are suitable for everyone. Just be sure to really read every single label to know what is going in your body. Biscuits, bread, cheese, pizza, pasta, big nono. Best wishes! xoxo

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  2. It Sucks Cass* I’m back into it too, if you know what I mean… I’ve written tonight for the first time in the wonderful months behind me. Amazing growth but the past few days I see it creeping back!
    (Forced to write after months of wonderful joyful times Uggh!).

    Stay in the Fight! Beat it!

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  3. Reblogged this on FibroFeels and commented:
    This is so great and so true! The days we feel the weakest because the world is throwing everything at us are the days we are the strongest and bravest because we’re still here afterwards. Also, so beautifully written!


  4. This was so beautifully written and yet filled with such raw honesty it slaps the reality of what we deal with in our faces. It was truly inspiring. I wish you many flare free days. I look forward to reading more and thanks for liking my post at

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