Having a Bad Day?

I know exactly what the bad days feel like.
You are most likely curled up in bed, or on the floor, not knowing how to get up and face the world.
You are longing for someone to remind you that you are worthy of this life, that you mean something.
You want it all to end…

Here are a few of my personal favourite posts that might get you through that bad day and make you realise your importance:

You are NOT your Illness

Defining Normal

You: Your Worst Critic

Letter To Myself

The Truth is Hard to Face

Invisible Illness Progress Portraits

love and hugs,
C xo


  1. Thanks for sharing, it’s so good to hear thoughts that echo in my head too! One well-meaning person said to me, “You need to really look hard at the big picture of your life, what is causing you to be ill? What kinds of choices have you made?” Well. Actually, I thought I had made some pretty good decisions. People who do not have chronic illness don’t understand. Period. I look forward to reading more of your writings. Keep it up!

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  2. I feel like we are spirit animals. I understand this completely, and all your blogs I’ve read so far. I understand the frustrations of not knowing. I have a diagnosis, that fits some of my symptoms, but not all. So it’s an endless round of more treatments, more tests. It’s waiting until my husband, the only one who works because I can’t, has enough money to pay for what is needed. To feel judged, humiliated, and for me, abandoned by some of my friends. It’s devastating.
    I’m so, so sorry. You are not your illness. And I have my fingers crossed that you will find your answers.

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    1. You summed it up perfectly! I am really struggling at the moment. Usually I am good at reminding people of this but recently it has been incredibly hard…
      I too have a diagnosis but it is not exactly the diagnosis that can sum up my symptoms… All of them. My doctors think I am going crazy xo


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