My sheets still have your scent scattered all over,
So I stripped them clear in attempt to wash you away.

My neck still tingles from where you planted the softest of kisses,
So I scrubbed away your lips until my skin bled.

My body is marked from your bites and nibbles,
So I concealed them from the judging eyes of others.

My desk is the haven for each thrust and moan,
So I sheathed it with tissues soaked from crying with ache.

My fingers were left open for yours to fit perfectly,
So I clenched my fist until it went numb.

My eyes captured your loving gaze in a picturesque moment,
So I closed them in hope that the black shadows would blind me.

My kindness was served on a gold platter and abused,
So I was forced to be selfish and never trust a soul again.

My memories are tainted with your intimate words,
So I blocked them out by repeating your falsities.

My heart beat loud with your name engraved into its tissue,
So I cut deep into my flesh hoping I’d stop it from beating.

My breath was steady when you flashed that gorgeous smile,
It is now erratic and accompanied by chest pain.

My stomach once held an enclosure of beautiful butterflies,
Then the bile rose and killed off each and every flutter.

You promised me the world but left me in pieces,
So I picked up each fragment and rebuilt what you broke.


  1. I only glanced and read the first part of my email and it was you’re poem. I know already the pain. I’m on the way out the door, to a long overdue, obgyn appt. We survive…

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  2. Hypnotizing. Brings me back to the enchantment depression had on me a few years back, how it’d sort of just wrap its arms around me from behind and make me addicted to its ways and pull me back each time I tried to leave… it’s quite a feeling you’ve been able to capture in this piece, it strikes a powerful cord. Such an amazing piece!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this poem…everything everyone has stated in the comments is so true-this is a beautiful piece, it’s so meaningful and deep…you truly have a gift. ❤

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