Once Upon A Time, I Couldn’t Cook…

One major positive of being sick, unemployed and housebound for over a year now, is being given the time to learn how to cook.

And, let me be the first to tell you how thankful I am.

I come from a big Italian family; a Mother who cooks incredible dishes spanned over all cultures, a Dad who can magically create something tasty using the fewest ingredients, a sister who studied to become a Chef and a Nonna who has been cooking for the entire extended family for many, many years.

I, did not inherit the ‘talented with food’ gene, but when I fell ill I did not want to rely on my Mother cooking two different meals for our family after a long day’s work – (my diet was very different in the initial illness days. Bland, mashed vegetables and ‘gluten free’).

I remember sitting at the dinner table, overlooking my Mother in the kitchen one day. I was too dizzy to stand, to walk. I asked her what she was making, and she laughed in my face because I had never shown an interest before. I rose from my chair and dragged it closer to her; and this is where the lessons began.

A year on, I have mastered her famous Lasagne, Chicken Snitzel and Potato Salad. We have made treats that I could eat, and then we made treats (a lot of them) that I could only look at.

I have grown from burnt toast, to scrambled eggs, to… THIS:

a Raw Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake!

Lucky for me, it can be frozen for up to twelve months; and as I am currently incredibly ill with a throat and chest infection (on top of the usual symptoms), this means I can still enjoy it… And all year round!

Little steps, my friends. Little steps.

I have books filled with recipes and cutouts of recipes all over my room; all waiting to be made.

If you aren’t a great cook yourself, and are in similar health circumstances to myself, give it a go! No needs to buy a Beginner’s Cookbook when you have the internet at your fingertips!

If someone told me two years ago that I made that cake, I’d probably laugh in their face.

In this moment, I’m really proud of myself.


  1. Holy yum! Can you believe I haven’t made a vegan cheesecake? I went as far as buying raw cashews in bulk to be used for this purpose, but ended up eating them plain. I blame the nuts for being too damn tasty, and in all likelihood, that cake would last me all of two days, if I were lucky. It looks amazing! Cooking is sort of fun too once you get into it, isn’t it?


    1. Yes! I enjoyed it!
      Make one! The blueberry one is okay. I’m not fond of that top layer. The blueberries give it a strange consistency. Strawberries or raspberries would be much better. Even blackberries. The cashews just take the longest because they have to soak 😦


      1. I definitely will! I get an email sent to my phone when someone I follow post on WordPress! I’ll be looking for your name to pop up! My friend is going to be super happy, she recently went vegan and has been having trouble finding a cheese cake to make!

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