Will You Be My Valentine?

When it comes to Valentines Day,
you are usually one of two people:

The person who sits in a slump,
hidden from social media all day,
because you are single and you don’t want to be inundated with hundreds of Facebook posts from other people gloating about their relationships, overpriced flowers and gifts;

or you are that other person who is on Facebook gloating about your relationship, overpriced flowers and gifts.

Valentines Day is about being thankful for Love,
and spreading kindness…

I’M the person who thinks that this should be done EVERY day.

Love for your friends, family, those who have been supportive to you along your journey, and your partner…

It is also about loving yourself,


my Valentines Day gift to you today is…
one Extra Special Spoon to use on doing something that makes YOU happy,
because YOU deserve it!

Extra Spoons are rare so use it wisely!

If you are having a really awful symptom day,
and/or are spending Valentines Day alone like me;
don’t be disheartened.

Know that I am thinking of you,
and most importantly,
that you ARE loved.

C, xo


      1. Oh, it looked sort of deep burgundy to me.
        Hopefully, you will find an answer to your enigma.
        If your nails are growing that means you are getting your vitamins and nutrients somehow.

        I imagine that you must have searched for all your symptoms to find out about a possible diagnosis

        I don’t know you but I am certain that somewhere, some doctor knows about your condition.

        When I had my first Meniere’s attacks, my hearing was intact.
        For that reason alone, doctors discarded a Menieres diagnosis.

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      2. I hope that is the case as I am losing hope! I have an appointment with a Rheumatologist this week who might have a walk into this with a clean slate!
        I have also been told it is not Meniere’s and numerous times… from multiple Specialists. My stomach also throws off the Doctors from discovering why I am so sick… Nothing makes sense to them!
        I am happy that you have a diagnosis. It is always good to hear (:


      3. However, my boyfriend’s uncle who was a veterinarian was the first person to diagnose me correctly. It turns out that chickens develop Meniere’s also.
        I didn’t believe him at the time.
        I was proven an ignorant and he was correct.
        I learned to not overlook or discard any suggestions regarding my conditions early on in my life


  1. Happy Valentines day! We are usually very low key on V day here, generally the kids get some treats and if on a weekend we celebrate ‘mardi gras’ instead. I totally agree, love should be shown and shared every day of the year, that’s more important than going all out on one day. I hope you find some joy in the day (just not on facebook GOD is that all annoying :P). take care xoxo!!

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    1. Happy Valentines Day honey. The kids would love the treats! Haha. What a beautiful idea – to celebrate mardi gras! Love for all.

      Thank you. I am actually quite ill, but I have the house to myself so quiet time is always great xxx


  2. I’m neither of those people, but I’ve had a few too many bad experiences to celebrate as a couple. Thank you so much for reminding me that treating myself to filling my own needs is an awesome way to celebrate too!

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      1. That is sad about the news segment. My husband and I spent today on a long walk with our dog, our friends, their little boy and their dog. We had a lovely day doing something we really like with some people we love loads.

        I hate how Valentine’s Day makes single people feel bad. Like you said, surely it should be about love for all x

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  3. We only remembered about valentines day when I saw all the other super gloaty posts on Facebook. My wife and I are firm believers that we should show appreciation every day of the week.

    So valentines day is generally ignored in our household 🙂


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