Sick Enough.

The Government called me today.
I was, once again, rejected my claim for Disability.
Disappointing, yes, but even more so was the man I was assigned, as he finished our conversation with this (and I quote):

Once you hang up the phone, I’d like you to just sit down and have a real long, hard think about whether you are sick enough to be eligible for a Sickness Pension or Disability Allowance. Just have a really long think…”

I think that this statement sums up what is wrong with every Government worldwide.


Oh hey, I had a long hard think and I suddenly, (after almost two years of being ill), feel that I am well enough to return to fulltime work and study. I actually feel SO great that I can start tomorrow!
I just needed to go through this year long process of applications and rejections, appointments, tests and letters for one of your employees to tell me to ‘think about my illness’ a little more than I have been doing over this past TWO YEAR PERIOD and realise that I am actually well enough to return to the life I apparently willingly gave up.

Here’s a thought – employ people who have the ability to show empathy towards those who have not CHOSEN this path for themselves – were GIVEN it.
You have my file, which I picture to resemble the length of the pages in the entire Harry Potter Novel Series.
You have every letter from every Specialist, and you know exactly how many times I have called because you have cut my payments or questioned my health.

This entire journey is incredibly stressful – especially the part where you have to deal with the Government. The process should be simple, but it isn’t. I understand that they are trying to prevent frauds from corrupting their system and receiving payments, and I also understand that they are pushing for thousands of people to return to ‘some type of work’ to accompany their therapy and improve their mental wellbeing.
I understand, but what I DO NOT understand is their disregard for the thousands of people who are GENUINELY ill and GENUINELY unable to work temporarily and permanently.

Sufferers are vulnerable as it is, yet we are left on our hands and knees trying to prove to your employees that we are ‘sick enough’, and we are ridiculed and not taken seriously.

Why would I willingly choose to live like this every day? To feel constant pain, and to spend 85% of my time in and out of appointments?
Why would I spend my last dollar on medication and therapy, when it could easily be spent on luxurious items for myself?
Tell me why I would give up my dream job for this new life?

Oh, maybe because I have a VERY REAL, CHRONIC condition?

To the imbecile that I was given today;
I took what you said into consideration and I did have a long, hard think after I hung up the phone today…

and I decided that I will most definitely be reporting you for causing me additional stress.



  1. Sadly I’ve gone through this with the Government in years past. The people they employ are puppets who enjoy kicking those at the bottom of society. They have no morals or empathy. They treat you like a number on a list. But don’t give up hope. Keep hassling them. Keep knocking at that door, and eventually, someone will listen. 😀

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  2. I swear their whole remit is to wear us down, and down, and down to the point of us giving up and saying fine we won’t bother. Then the fraudsters who have the energy to fight and shout and scream the loudest get through the system. When will people realise anyone working a good job with a good lifestyle wouldn’t chose to become too ill to sustain the same standard of living. I cried for weeks when I lost my job over ill health, in fact I still get upset thinking about it. No other words other than @rseholes for them! I hope you get a better resolution soon :-/

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  3. I know the feeling Cass*. I have a few posts dealing with it, uggh! I got approved and they even showed me the amount I would be getting and then denied it again. So I was forced to work before I got the help I needed, so Im doing good now, but without getting the therapy and help I may relapse into my moods… Keep up the fight Cass* someday you will win.. 🙂

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  4. It’s just an easy answer for him to say. The thing that they don’t understand though is that if we did have a “long hard think” then whole weeks and months would pass before we realised. It’d be years before we summoned up the strength to try again to move on with our lives. Thanks for taking a stand today, I hope things turn out better for you next time! 🙂

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  5. I feel your pain, I really do. Those government drones who work in the benefits office didn’t get there by being smart or compassionate. Yeah you shouldn’t compare yourself to others but on this occasion I think its ok to realise that you are actually a superior human being to those heartless drones.

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  6. Having gone through something on a similar vein recently I can totally relate to this post, it’s just so shocking, that this jobs worth actually felt that he had the right to say this to you even worse he thinks he’s helping.

    Hang in there, easy to say even harder to do, but cheering you on every step of the way. x


  7. I have read up on this a lot and it seems to me that it common practice for them to deny. Then you lawyer up and then they deny again. Then you go in with guns blazing, kicking and screaming and they approve.. so it seems. I have not applied but I am sure my RA will eat me to the point of disability one day, when that happens i’ll be ready..


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