Welcome to Indisposed and Undiagnosed;
a blog that follows a young woman on her journey through Chronic Illness.

If you are a fellow sufferer:
please tag ‘chronic illness‘ and ‘invisible illness‘ in your own posts to assist in promoting awareness, support, and to help us connect with one another.

I am not trained in ANY medical-related profession.
You should ALWAYS seek advice from a medical practitioner!
These entries are solely to spread awareness and to help myself (and others) cope in dealing with the uncertainty and loneliness that illnesses bring.



  1. Hi cass. As you know i love your blog so heres an award nomination for you😊https://wafflemethis.wordpress.com/2015/06/01/thunderstruck/

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  2. In response to “Spammers be gone”, do you have a decent firewall installed? You can have filters set up on it to keep you from being redirected to spamming sites. Without a firewall, there would be no way I could stay connected to the mess the internet has become since the 1980’s! You will need to make friends with a local geek like I used to be, before I lost my mind in 2004. Thankfully, I had taught my husband what I new back then. He now keeps our computers safe. We use Norton AntiVirus’s firewall packages. McAfee is another provider, but they are not as good. My mom uses some sort of freeware package on her machines. You just need to find what is right for your situation.
    Jeanette Hall

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      1. It seems to me you are very honest in what you share about your (undiagnosed) illness. That accounts for a very brave person in my eyes. Also, it is quite a lot what you’re going through! (not kidding here) 🙂

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  3. Hi Cass, thanks for liking one of my posts. I was undiagnosed for a long time too, went through all the tests and dead ends, hang in there, there is a light at the end of the tunnel even if it’s not in sight yet.

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      1. I actually had horrible time with my caretakers, they usually way too “honest” and from time to time mention how they long to sell me, or get rid of me because I’m a burden. I think will make future post about it

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      1. I’m pretty bad. In my 10 or so years of being chronically ill I have never had a nastier time of it as I have had over the past few months. I’m still struggling but thought posting again might help a little. It is strange that we all needed a ‘rest’ at the same time but I’m glad to still find you’re all here. x


  4. Sad to read you are so young (with invisible chronic illness and pain).

    At the age of 61 (going on 62) at least I’ve lived, travelled overseas several times and had many years of social life before I quit working and retired (with ongoing chronic illness and pain).

    Just hang in there and live each day as it comes. Living Mindfully and taking one day at a time is the way I survive and have done so for many years.

    My heartfelt wish for some improvement in your symptoms. and thanks for dropping by my (new) blog The Middle Way today. Nowadays I am no longer my illness, I am a Photographer (who just happens to have chronic ill health and pain).

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    1. I don’t know why I didn’t see this earlier. Thank you for writing. I am so sorry that you have suffered too. it is really awful and there are so many sufferers young and older, worldwide. They are going unheard. I really do wish you all of the health that life can bring you (: xo

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