R U Okay?

Tomorrow, (September 10), Australia partakes in R U OKAY Day.
For all of my followers who may not have heard of the day – it is a campaign targeted at changing the behaviour of people in regards to reaching out to those who are suffering.
This campaign is aimed at Suffering as a whole – this may include sufferers of Mental Health issues, illness, financial woes, even someone who is simply having a bad day.

This year, they have also added an interactive section where you can connect to Facebook and thank someone who has been there for you, who has taken time out of their day to listen to you, and who has spread awareness within the community. You can make known that they have done a selfless deed by thanking them via the website.

A family who suffered from a chain of mental health and grief themselves, began the campaign, and rely on the people of Australia to unite and spread the word. This day should not be celebrated once a year. It should be effortless to ask someone Are You Okay on a regular basis.
But, I understand.
Some of you are busy, some of you don’t know how.
Well, here’s your chance.

So, what is asked of you?

You are encouraged to send a message or make a call to your loved ones, friends, someone who you haven’t spoken to in a while, a stranger whom might be struggling, and ask them the big question, Are You Okay?

There are people suffering everywhere, but mostly in silence. They are not willingly open up and bombard you with the problems that they are struggling to face and manage.

The question itself might not mean a lot to you.
You could disregard this day altogether and give an excuse that sounds like;
“I am too busy”
“This is a stupid idea”
“I do not have time”
“I don’t know how to respond”
“I don’t know how to help”

You are entitled to do/think as you please, but I know that if it were you who were suffering, you’d want someone to make the effort for you. You’d want someone to listen.

Take a moment from your busy schedules, to reach out and check up on those around you.

Put aside anger, resentment, jealousy, grudges that have been held over petty arguments, the busy schedule you may have, and reach out to someone, or numerous people.

It takes less than thirty seconds,
to initiate conversation,
to ask those three simple words,
which might make someone’s day,
or save someone’s life.

So, please, I beg of you,

Be selfless,
Plant the seed,
Have the conversation,
Change a life.

For more information, please have a look at their website –