Who Am I?

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My name is Cass, and I am twenty-three years of age. I have been formally diagnosed with Gastroparesis, Postherpetic Neuralgia and Reactive Depression, and am suffering from multiple additional symptoms, assumed to be as result of my double-Shingles outbreak in mid 2014.

I began this blog to help myself through the rollercoaster that is Chronic Illness, yet close to a year on I find myself writing more to spread awareness to fellow sufferers.

I would ultimately love for society to take notice of those who are suffering in silence. I am trying to pave the way for future sufferers, in hope that they won’t have to experience half of the grief that I have endured.

We have the ability to educate society in something that is not entirely common; to teach them to show respect and empathy towards those who are invisibly ill and struggling.

This is not about my journey,
it’s about OUR journey.

C, xo.