They Say,

They say, take this medication.
They say, eat healthier.
They say, exercise.
They say, it’s all in your head.
They say, see a Psychologist, Neurologist.
They say, This is how you do it.
They say, eat this, don’t eat that.
They say, it’s the medication’s fault.
They say, you need to think more positively.
They say, you need to get out of the house.
They say, this really helped my friend.
They say, you need to take control.
They say, you’re strong, you’re weak.
They say, you need to try harder.
They say, the results came back all clear.
They say, it’s Functional.
They say, you have to stop doing…
They say, you can beat this.
They say, I want you to stay.
They say, I’m busy, I’m booked out.
They say, I’m here for you, I don’t have time for you.

They don’t take the medication.
They don’t feel like the guinea pig.
They don’t feel the nausea every day, all day.
They don’t shake from exhaustion.
They don’t get side effects from multiple drug trials.
They don’t feel their body weakening.
They don’t know how hard it is to try.
They don’t know what it is like to drag yourself into an appointment, and to drag yourself out.
They don’t know how it feels to not be able to consume food, hold food.
They don’t feel the disappointment after each negative result.
They don’t take the advice they preach to you.
They don’t realise how slow time goes.
They don’t feel the isolation.
They don’t rely on the Government.
They don’t believe in anything other than Western Medicine.
They don’t feel the desperation.
They don’t have to stop dreaming.
They don’t know how to sympathise.
They don’t know how to help.
They don’t understand.
They don’t know how little “sorry” means when they haven’t experienced.



  1. Difficult to read because it’s so close to home… Thank you for posting! It’s good to not feel alone. My blog spooniesisters is for all of us ladies battling with chronic pain, would love you to check it out if you’re interested. Sending love, empathy and good vibes. Rose x

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