Just One of Those Days.

acupuncture: cried from Dry Needling pain in already pained neck muscles.

psychologist: cried for an hour about not wanting to live with pain or illness anymore,
financial stress,
going in circles with symptoms and potential diagnosis’,
and not being eligible for a Disability Pension.

doctor: cried for an additional hour,
used up all of the tissues.

home: crying whilst trying to fight through brain fog and write a WordPress post.

And it’s okay because it’s just one of those days.


  1. So sorry, Cass!! HUGS for you. If it makes you feel any better, I landed myself in the ER a couple nights ago. My BP bottomed out. Go figure… one thing we can say about our battles is that it’s never boring.

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  2. One of the (many) things about chronic illness that feels really unfair is how much effort it takes just to see a doctor. “It really shouldn’t be this exhausting! I’m just trying to take care of myself, here!”
    And dealing with bureaucracy just makes it ten times harder. I have to make some calls today to doctors and my health insurance company and I am dreading it.


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