My visit to my Doctor today went a little like this…
I drove myself to my appointment up the road, and felt pretty proud of myself considering my body is being plagued by dizziness, fogginess, razorblades in my throat, a phlegmy chest, the usual stomach pain, neck-throbbing, nausea and pre-period bloating.

I notice that he has been moved to a new clinical room, and that the light bulbs are brighter (this is how you know you visit the Doctor way too much; when you start noticing the small things).

Me: “For once, I think I am normal-sick”
*insert coughing spell*

Dr S: “Yay, congratulations!”
*insert usual Doctor check*
“You have a throat infection.
More good news is that you also have a chest infection!
And here is some final good news; antibiotics is a no-go because of your Gastroparesis…”

Me: “Yay?”

I have not posted about my illness in a while, and probably because there is nothing overly exciting to tell. It is so little, I can squeeze it into dotpoints for you:
– I started an antidepressant called Mirtazapine in hope of blocking receptors to my stomach telling me I am nauseous, increasing my appetite, and blocking my pain receptors in my neck. I have been gradually increasing it for two months now, so I should see big changes soon.
– I stopped seeing the Holistic Chiro, as I noticed that the more ‘neck’ exercises he gave me/manipulation he did on my spine, the more pain and dizziness I had.
– I am seeing a Rheumatologist next week for the first time.
– I am seeing an Endocrinologist for my underactive thyroid. Yes, I am supposed to be on Thyroxine but I have cheekily stopped taking it.
– I am still doing Acupuncture with my Herbalist, and we are trying to test new vitamins out.
– I have an extension of my Government allowance until May, and a case officer is reviewing my case anytime between now and May as I fought my rejection of Disability.
– I am supposedly expected to partake in work or study of some sort, part time, midyear (if I show improvements)

The REALLY great news is that Dr S is in the process of putting my ‘mystery’ case forth to a group of very important Specialists at one of the best hospitals at Melbourne; to potentially enrol me in a very private, limited place Chronic Pain Program.
Don’t bother researching it; I tried. There is no information on it. It’s so ‘hush-hush’ that they actually search for their patients instead of having patients go to them; because naturally, they’d have multiple patients applying to be seen.

Imagine a room filled with numerous Professors and Specialists from every aspect of the Medical Field – Infectious Disease Professors, Physiotherapists, Neurologists, Rheumatologists, Gastroenterologists and Endocrinologists – and imagine these intelligent people sharing their wisdom and thoughts about the very rare patient cases.

Imagine spending time with patients one-on-one to actually understand their bodies. At least, this is how Dr S has painted the picture in my mind. No need for appointments to and from Specialists – they are all in one room, looking at YOU… in this case, possibly ME.

Okay, so it doesn’t sound so fun for me.
I will be a fish, in a tank, at a Fish Market.

But hey, if this actually happens, I could be on my way to ‘managing’ my symptoms a lot quicker than expected, and sharing my information with you.
Any progress, is good progress.

Ps, Normal-Sick still sucks more this Mystery-Sick


  1. The pain program could be very good!! Lets hope you get a chance to find out for yourself. Normal sick alongside chronic conditions is the pits…but a nice timely reminder of the real world. Get better soon xox


  2. Oh dear, as if you don’t have to deal with enough! Hope the infection goes away soon and that the chronic pain program doctors are able to give you some answers finally!

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  3. I am kind on the same boat
    Recurrent kidney infections
    I cant take antibiotics either because last year I contracted a hyper virulent strain of Clostridium Difficile, C diff for short

    It is a colon bacteria and in my case it did not respond to any mainstream antibiotics
    It almost claimed my life .

    C diff takes place when you usually take antibiotics that wipe out your gut good bacteria
    I was finally cured from C diff AftER receiling a last resort procedure
    If I take antibiotics again , C diff will roar its ugly head again . Caught Between a hard and a rock place

    I am fighting to see an alternative Medicine doctor
    They are not covered by insurance in the US and they are very expensive

    Ask your doctor about coloidal silver and oil of oregano
    They are both potent natural antibiotics.

    It took me 3 years in my twenties to get aproved for disability benefits
    I did have to appeal
    Go to a hearing
    Get suport from my doctors

    I didn’t give up. You will preval too

    Thumbs up for upcoming secret meeting with the special team of professionals

    In my prayers for answers and relief
    PS . Don’t forget to check out the Facebook support group


  4. interesting about not being allowed to have antibiotics due to the gastro. i have a friend with gastro who is diabetic and is off and on of antibiotics due to picking up lots of infections due to the diabetes. if she doesn’t take them, the infection will lead to something like amputation where if she does treat it, then it makes her gastro worse (she’s a 2-hr in the morning puker). she is also gluten and dairy allergic. she has been looking into a gastro bypass surgery (not intended for weight loss) but for bypassing her pyloric valve so food can just slide on down. but they say she is too underweight and will have to get up over 200lbs. now, we just can’t figure that out. if she could eat enough to gain weight, she wouldn’t need the surgery…

    anyhow any advice you like to pass on would be greatly appreciated. yesterday’s post about how you increased your food intake was great, she really appreciated it. thanks for this good info!


    1. Oh my. I am so sorry to hear. I was in the same boat, minus the Diabetes. My Doctors just needed me to gain weight and I wasn’t responded to any medication they gave me.
      I do have some tips that I’ve picked up along the way. They may or may not help…
      They put me on an antidepressant because they make you have an increased appetite. So I went from eating zero, to eating a lot. The only problem is, the food still doesn’t digest. So I’ve gained 5kgs from constantly eating, but I’m in a lot of pain most days. Hence why I have “small portions” of food and I used to be on liquid diets. Anything you can blend – do it. Vitamins are also important. I was on boxes of antibiotics when I first fell ill (to get rid of the Shingles). Antibiotics kill GOOD bacteria, as well as killing infection. Now, I had boxes, so imagine my body? And your friend’s body? I can only recommend Vitamin D for immunity and a probotic. I can’t stomach probiotics yet (we tried). For the moment, though, she definitely good needs a addition for the antibiotics. She’ll just have to check with a Doctor or Gastroenterologist (because of her Diabetes). If she has any questions, email me in my contact section. I can tell you more there. I have tried so much… Maybe the things that didn’t work for me, will work for her!

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      1. Probably not a treatment plan because I don’t know how to really treat it haha. I have better control over mine so I can write as many suggestions as possible.
        Just remember every body is different. I’m not well aware of what sufferers of Diabetes can and can’t eat or take. She’ll really have to check in with a Gastroenterologist or a Doctor. I will email you today with some more beginners tips and hopefully it will help her a little more xo

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  5. It’s 3am here, and I’m awake thinking the same thing – normal sick does suck! I used to think I wouldn’t even know if I got sick because I’m so accustomed to feeling crummy, but that’s not the case at all. If you can’t take oral antibiotics, I hope the infection doesn’t get worse. They can give you IV antibiotics if need be, but I hope it clears on its own for your sake.

    That’ll be awesome if you can get into that program! The NIH runs a similar program here, but the wait list is years long because it is minimally publicized, so it’s a very smart thing they did by keeping it on the inside.

    Hope you get rested and kick that infection fast 🙂


    1. So sorry you can’t sleep. But luckily for you – your 3am is my 730pm! Haha. How are you feeling? Are you still in hospital?
      Today was tough for me. I am struggling without antibiotics… To think of a life before with antibiotics as a “cure” and then we just get on with our lives?!
      Things are so different now!
      I am currently eating flavoured iceblocks, because my stomach does not want food… It might be a long week for me.
      Thinking of you xxx


      1. I’m home. Wasn’t admitted this time, thankfully. I’m on the mend, but it’s a lot slower than I’d like. It’s a shame I have to kill my immune system to keep it from killing me 🙂

        Sorry you’re having a rough time. Are you doing okay with staying hydrated? I’ve been drinking a ton of hot tea, and it feels like it’s helping with some of the congestion. Do you notice a difference in your ability to handle things of certain temperatures? When my gastroparesis gets bad, I can only drink warm or room temp liquids, because cold seems to slow things down too much for me. Could just be me and my weirdness, but I figured I’d ask.

        Hang in there, I’m with you in spirit and misery 😉


      2. Not your weirdness at all! Cold water is terrivle for normal digestion, so it’s even worse for sufferers of GP!
        I drink a lot of warm tea too. Even lukewarm.

        Trying to stay as hydrated as possible but this sore throat just keeps getting worse 😦

        I am so happy to hear you are home. Please rest! Sending love xxx


  6. I remember my first REAL cold – it was the first time in YEARS that I didn’t automatically get mono (which I have had at least seven documented times, and several other times I didn’t bother verifying, because there is nothing they can do for ya except tell you to lay in bed and lay off the wine.) 🙂 It still sucked, but for me and my autoimmune stuff, it was a sign that stuff was working. Hugs and I do hope you’re feeling better!

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  7. I’ve been to one of those study programs where they look for you. I’ve been to two and I actually got paid to attend one and no mystery drugs to try 🙂


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